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An issue with the PTI Karachi team is that it has failed to campaign on issues that the people of Karachi find relatable. And, therefore, narratives such as foreign conspiracies, an imported government, etc, are least appealing. People in Karachi are more concerned about issues like water scarcity, waste management, law and order, appalling infrastructure and safety. Syed Irfan Ali, a spokesman for the customs, said the managementers personnel intercepted a car on the Super Highway on a tip-off and found five cartons of foreign liquor. The educational institution established in Gulshan-e-Maymar will impart religious and modern education to the students. The Jamia Ghazali campus of Jamiat-ul-Rashid, a well-known madrassa, for the first time in Karachi has been awarded the university status in accordance with the requirements of the present era.

The party also expressed sorrow over the killing of veteran politician and progressive lawyer Lala Latif Afridi and observed one minute of silence in his memory. “As Pakistan nears another IMF loan, while the ruling elite rent seekers are the primary beneficiaries of such foreign loans, the debt is repaid by ordinary citizens,” he said. “The party is verywellsecurity of the view that the lion’s share of the GDP is devoured by non-productive defence expenditure and foreign debt service. AWP Deputy General Secretary Aasim Sajjad said that there was need for an alternative economic and development model based on socialist principles, fair employment, and redistribution of resources and wealth to reduce inequality.

Sarda Proteins reports standalone nil net profit/loss in the December 2022 quarter

Personnel of the Anti-Smuggling Organisation of the Collectorate Customs Enforcement Karachi on Sunday seized smuggled foreign liquor worth millions of rupees. VC Dr Zeeshan sAhmed also told the delegation that Al-Ghazali University of Technology will be established for the education and promotion of technology, which will be called GU-Tech. Journalists were given a study tour of various healthnord departments of Jamiat-ul-Rashid, including Darul-Ifta Jamiat-ul-Rashid, Majma'ul-uloom-Islamiya, Central Office, JTR Media House, Department of Islamic Jurisprudence, Fiqah Halal, Kulyat-ul-Sharia, Fiqhal-halaal, and Al-Ulmani Association. Sindh Governor Kamran Tessori signed the charter after the approval of Al-Ghazali University Charter, a unique educational institution of its kind.

Pakistan, IMF kick-start ‘toughest’ technical level talks

The harassment of mainly female climate scientists and other researchers who talk about their work in the media – both mainstream and social – is having a chilling effect on their willingness to communicate their findings in the public space, a recent survey has found. Collaboration between two research centres, one in Japan and one in Zambia, is successfully contributing to efforts aimed at early detection of potential pandemics caused by zoonotic pathogens and has also led to significant technical support and human resource development among African researchers. Universities and higher education institutions in the Middle East and North Africa, or MENA, are starting to join the open science movement, recognising its potential to enhance the accessibility, inclusivity and sustainability of higher education systems and research communities.

Who’s responsible for Pakistan’s economic meltdown? Friday Callers Day

On this occasion, KDA DG Syed Muhammad Ali Shah said that after the agreement, medical cards were being issued by Jubilee Insurance to all the employees and officers of KDA. The existing system of treatment of retired employees would be continued and the provision of facilities to the employees of the organisation will solutionblades continue. They said that according to the policy of Sindh government to inculcate the Madaris across the Sindh into main stream education system, Jamia Ghazali is the first of its kind in Sindh, which has been given the status of a university, which will now equip students with religious and worldly education as well.

KARACHI - Sindh ministers, advisors, and special assistants have strongly condemned Peshawar blast here on Monday. In their condemnation statements, they said that those who commit such heinous acts did not deserve to be called human beings and Muslims. Ten leading university rectors and tcblackcar representatives of professionals and enterprises have jointly called on the Norwegian government to postpone making a decision on the introduction of tuition fees for non-European international students until a deeper investigation into the potential consequences has been undertaken.

For the second year in a row, record numbers of students and academics are leaving Hong Kong’s publicly funded universities – including some of the top universities in Asia, according to official figures – with experts pointing to declining freedoms as a decisive push factor. A government-imposed freeze on domestic student fees in South Korea has traditionally driven up the cost of tuition for international and graduate students. But now, some cash-strapped universities believe they have no option but to raise domestic healthcareversity fees – even if it means forfeiting government grants. In the wake of China’s economic downturn and concerns over a decline in college-age student numbers, the education ministry, after years of unbridled expansion, has directed provinces to rein in plans to build new universities and is now pushing a ‘quality over quantity’ line. Times Higher Education has again drawn on existing data from its rankings to produce another one, ‘Most International Universities in the World 2023’, directed mostly at students.

It seems the JI will replace the MQM and enter into a love-hate relationship with the PPP, which also means that the city will suffer and nobody will take responsibility. So the real losers of this election is the people of Karachi who will continue to live under uncertainty and witness the unending quagmire between the provincial and weak local governments. As far as the MQM-P is concerned, its decision to boycott the local government elections was reasonable as it saved the party from further humiliation. Regardless of its reservations about delimitation, the party had an idea – based on the results of the previous by-elections – that they would lose.